Orchid flowers

4 months ago

Hello everyone!
I am @aceandnotes.
Before the photodashph contest will end with its weekly theme, I decided then to submit my entry. Not to win but to participate and support.

I'm thankful that through this platform I can enhance my skill in photography.

I actually took these photos last year when I just bought my phone. Of course, I want to try its camera. Having watched and participated in arranging flower offerings in our church I became interested in flowers. So whenever I go to a place I cannot help but admire the beautiful flowers of various plants whether trees or shrub.

One Saturday morning when we had soul-winning and visitation, we came to a house with various orchid plants. And, oh, wow! Beautiful flowers. You cannot resist its beauty. So I have to take my best shot.

One thing I like about orchid flowers is that they don't wither easily. Like the orchid flowers, our love for God and humanity should not fade away.

I'm an amateur in photography, so please let me know how to improve it.
Photos were taken with my phone, Vivo 5lite. Enhanced with its photo filter.

This is my entry with the photodashph photo contest. Flower category.

Every photo has a story.

Thanks for dropping by.

Your friend,

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Thank you for your entry and for using our tag #photodashph #wekuph

"every photo has a story"

Nice shot with the sky as background ...Perfect!


Thanks ma'am.

Paborito lng Lola ko ung orchid. Naging paborito ko na rin 😊
Upvoted Sis 😀


Thanks for the upvote. Btw, I'm a guy. Dpa kc ako nakaupload ng profile pic 😁