3 months ago

Hello weku, here is a love poem titled volcano


I fell in love with her, yes she
She is a rare gem, a rare occurrence
Conserved by nature itself on a fence
Rich hot sexy, got laid by tectonic plates
On converging and diverging plates

I fell in love with her, yes she
She is mount with a hole
Oh yes, a 'hole' not a 'hoe'

The love I fell in love with, yes she
She has been grounded and grinded more...
Couldn't hold in anymore
Drilling and drifting, she walk her way through cracks and crooks
She burst out... Hot liquid rock

My love, yes she
She's volcanic not plutonic
Spitting out flames of fire
Red hot larva drooling over on 'fia'

The love I fell in love with,
If only she knew the damage
The tears she wrought out
The pain she caused
The home she crumbled
The lifes she rumbled.

Thanks for reading, much love from this end.

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