Photodashph | Lotus in Bloom

4 months ago


One of the main reasons and the highlight of my morning walks in a particular park in the Metro are the lotus flowers. Whenever we take our walk in an early morning, I see to it that I get to visit the pond where these flowers can be seen in their shining glory. They are such a beauty to look at and to begin your day with.


My love for hyacinths and lotus flowers started when I was still residing in the province. There was this pond in an abandoned area I get to see during my trip to and from the school that are filled with hyacinth blooms. I thought back then that, it's funny how can something so beautiful bloom in an area that seems to be filled with despair? It was an abandoned area and nobody seemed to care on that place and yet, that place grew one of the most beautiful blooms.


Being able to see lotus (or hyacinths) in bloom gives me hope. It makes me realize that no matter how screwed up life can be, there can be this wonderful thing that blossoms out of it. Like peace in the midst of chaos. Like hope in the midst of despair.


These photos were taken in Quezon City, Philippines using Google Pixel and Iphone 6, enhanced thru Photoshop Express.

These photos are part of my participation to the photodashph challenge by @dashand with this week's theme of flowers.

Thank you for dropping by. ❤

Love lots,




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Nice to see lotus flowers. Great capture @blackthorn! You got my full upvote.


😁😁 So touching to be appreciated like this Sir @coolarth! Thank you so much po. I hope the lotus flowers were able to bring you joy the way they do to me everytime 😍

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its really beautiful in real life and upclose, amazing Lotus, one of my favorite flower, we have here somewhere in our place, but i cant take picture because it is in the deep creek, life risking if i go down.

"every photo has a story"


That's the sad part of seeing these flowers @dashand. Taking upclose photos of them are really hard. I'm just glad that on this pond, I can take as much photos of them as I can. Lotus flowers are too beautiful not to take upclose photos ❤

mars grabe ganda wala ako masabe, 100% upvoted and rewekued, i saw all the entry, i like yellow from @blackthorn entry also, but @dashand i think we have a winner.


Aaaww. Thank you so much sis 😍😊 Sorry wala ako yellow for this entry 😊 Am glad though nagustuhan mo padin. Thank you so much for the support.

Ang ganda 😊

Ang ganda ko 😂


Ahahaha. Wateber!

Great photos. Matagal na akong di nakakita ng lotus. By the way thanks for inviting me here thru your link.


Thanks @aceandnotes. Join this contest! It's really fun. I'll look out for your entry 😊


Cge po



Thank you @badripanda.

lovely photos..nice photography..Excellent post!😀


😁 Thank you so much @whel!

Wow! Sana my gan2 sa paligid ng bahay 😊


Hahaha. Maganda sana pag ganun sis.

Wow, pure beauty. I like lotus flower so much.


Makes two of us @radhapatil. Am glad you liked it 😊

Beautiful photos! Lotus flowers are gems!


They sure are @blacklux. Such gems in the most unexpected places.

Wow, beautiful Lotus, love the colors and angle, Awesome shot.


❤❤ Thank you @ykdesign. 😊 The lotus blooms were just awesome as they were. 😍

WOw ganda ng lotus 👍👍👍👍
VERy nice posting Sis .. the best!! Ikaw na !!


Hahaha. Thank you sis. Sana join ka rin sa #photodashph 😊

Panalo na to mam. Hands down!


Hahaha. Supportive as always. Salamat!!

My too fave ko Lotus Flower, growing in filthy ditch but the flower wow superb...she shines!


Yes!! That's what I think too po @judycims. They're like gifts or gems in the midst of the ditch 😊 Thank you. 😊

Beautiful shots sissy! Pro na pro ang dating.
Kove the story the most ❤️


Thank you so much sis 😊❤❤

ang gaganda naman niyan sis , galing nang shots mo talaga . 💞


Thank you sis. 😊 D ko na ire reveal panu ko kinuhanan yan. Nasa pond kasi 😂

I like lotus flower because it signifies enlightenment. From the mud it rose up to see the shining sun. Very mystical @blackthorn ...


Those are beautiful words @transcendence. ❤❤ Thank you 😊