Be wise

4 months ago

Hello weku community

She sat herself careless before her borrowed
House, chief tenant
Just in the high place of the city, cotenant
Clamorous cunning yet confusing

Her daily song she squealy chorused
'Stolen water are sweet'
'Bread eaten in the secret is pleasant'
But I tell you, you might choke on it

The strange woman with a flattering tongue
Skillfully indulging the young
Soiling their garments so wrong
Piercing souls with her swordy words

Stung them with her deadly fangs
*Hearken; oh yea, flee from her filthy lures
She had slayed and made many wounded
Strong men and king she dethroned

She is the hot hoe
An offspring of Jezebel
Hearken, my son to my loud cry
Be wise and wise for yourself.

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