4 months ago

Hello weku community

Here is a write saying NO! to domestic violence.


I'm destabilize,
set me on a scale i'm not balanced,
Right now i'm traumatized
Yes, am typing this with shaky hands

How could I explain this stinking shit
How on earth did I get here
Among chaos and uproar
Right in the 21st century

It all started since 21st
After three kids, he refused to pay the bride price
His wife is now a punching bag
They run round the house, chanting and causing
There kids wailing and weeping

She was once an angle, once upon a time beautiful and full of life.
Radiant and radiating, a loving mother a caring wife.
Now... She is a beast let losses, sagged breast and haggard looking, dress in rags and tears.

Why on earth should a man beats his wife!!!!
Am confused right now, not every man is a beast but in every man lives a beast.
You won't ever hit me, would you?

Thanks for reading, much love from this end

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