My crush

3 months ago

Hello weku!!!

Here is a prose about a recent crush. Lol💖💖


I have a crush
Oh, our love isn't a rush
He lives on the street next to mine
I need to steal him, so he can be mine

My crush, our love in rush
So cute and sweet
I need his pin, so we can tweet
So fine and fair and thick
His lips soft and pink

My crush
He won't pass by...
When I had my makeups on
When I had my wig styled
When I had my dress ironed

My crush
He would only pass by...
When I had my wigs off
When i had my face bare
When I had my breast loosed

So I saw my crush today
He looks me right in the eye
Shyly I looked away
I can only wonder
Does my crush crush on me?

Much love from me to you, thanks for reading❤❤❤

Be you!

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Lovely poem!! I really enjoyed it!!
Hoping for you and your crush to have the chance.
Bear Hugs!!