My introdoctry post

4 months ago

Hello weku community!
Guess who just joined ?

It's cinderella! But call me Rebecca😘
I just joined this amazing community, thanks to @paradise-found
I'm a student studing Geophysics, i love writing, dancing and acting.
I'm a fashion designer and also a vlogger
I love the colour red and i love eating. Lolss

I hope to engage the community with my writes and my vlogs

I hope i'm welcomed and i hope to enjoy my stay

Thanks in advance

Love you!

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Welcome to weku!!
ReWEKUed !!

Geophysicist! That sounds fun. I am excited to learn more about you, Rebecca. <3

Welcome to Weku, followed and upvoted :)

welcome to Weku female, my dear friend. best of lack

You are greatly welcome to this New world of SUCCESS

welcome to weku @cinderella

AWESOME!! Beautiful Becca is here!!
Welcome to WEKU my dear friend!!


Thanks for the love papa


I sent you a gift, check your wallet. 💖


Thank you so much papa

welcome dear Rebecca!!

Welcome @cinderella!!

Rebe rebe

welcome Rebecca to weku!!
Have a wonderful time!!

Awesome to see you here!!
Lets Party!!

YAY!!! Welcome GV family member!!

Welcome to weku my friend!!

Welcome Rebecca!!

Welcome to Weku @cinderella

Welcome on board @cinderella
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welcome to weku . pretty name rebeca good blees you

Welcome, dear Cinderella! Here you will find many friends!