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Weku platform now have more than thirty thousand members (30,000+) and still growing with an average of six hundred new sign-ups per day. With weku population increases, the post of minnows are getting lesser attention and getting lesser upvotes. For all I know tags were made for the purpose of categorizng our contents, so it will be based on every niche. However, tags are now use to get upvotes from whales, who possess massive amount of Weku Power, and to join communities a user wants to be associated.

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It will be up for the users which tags will be used to get their needed upvotes. Here are the tags being used to get upvotes from whales and communities.


source: @zeal post
@zeal is the first and biggest weku community. Zeal curators are looking for excellent quality content coming from different categories and languages. From all the contents they curated, they will chose the best from all of those contents and include in their top post. Use zealpro tag for easy search of their curators, however, they decentralize their curation, meaning they will search good contents even without the zealpro tag. They also have localized tag like zeal-gratefulvibes, zeal-philippines, zeal-bangladesh, zeal-nigeria among others. Zeal is founded by @phoenix and @racheh. You can join their discord channel and drop your post link in the post-promtotion to get upvote from them, just make sure your content is not plagerized.

Click Here to join Zeal Discord channel


WekuPH is the largest Filipino community in the weku ecosystem. Compose of more than a hundred of members coming from different steemit communities joined together with the purpose of helping weku users not only Filipinos but also other users especially the newbies. The whole community upvotes all the wekuph tag users, meaning all members are upvoting the post with wekuph tag. A concerted effort of the whole community brings more upvotes to all users. @wekuph is the main account of the community, you can follow it for more future upvotes. Join their discord channel and drop your post link for the upvotes of the community.

 WekuPh Discord Channel


source: @lifty post

Lifty is a fundraising project to support exceptional contents made by new and verified authors of weku.

Lifty is looking for undervalued post and lift it to make it a trending post. Lifty helped many new users who put their efforts to come up with good contents. Lifty creates motivation to content creator to produce good contents because they knew someone will appreciate and lift their post. Use the lifty tag for easy curation. You can also join Lifty discord channel and drop your post link there.

Lifty mission is to help new and not yet discovered user who have made good posts but haven't discovered yet!

Click Here to join Lifty Discord channel


source: @weku-edu post
WEKU-EDU supports good contents and curate them. Using their tag, once your post reach their attention they will upvote and reweku your post.

Weku-edu is all about promoting quality content and we do NOT support plagiarism!

What I noticed, @vote-on also upvotes what @weku-edu upvoted. I think they work side-by-side since these are both project of @gbenga.

If you want to get upvotes on both curators use weku-edu tag.


source: @nirob post
@nirob is one of the early account who populate the nirob community (weku community) by the use of his tag. All the nirob tag users was truly upvoted. Nirob curate early, even a content was just posted for a minute, nirob will upvote. The early users appreciated what nirob had done to them and I am one of those who appriciated his works. You can join Nirob discord channel to get more upvotes.

Click Here to join Nirob Discord channel


source: @amar post
@amar and Amar Community is upvoting post included in the discord channel and using the tag amar. The tag is now 4th in the category list. AMAR has a very good reputation in Weku. He’s one of the zeal curator. He is also popular for coming up with good and unique contests. You can use the tag and join the discord channel.

Click Here to join Amar Discord channel


source: @teamquality post

teamquality project is a tag designed by @teamnepal and operated by @yessicafcp to support quality content on weku platform. Unlike other tag, which upvotes random posts with out seeing, we upvote posts according to quality and give rating to the post.
Daily top post which scored 9 or 10 rating will be voted by @teamnepal!


source: @gratefulvibes post
Gratefulvibes community founded by zeal honorary member @paradise-found is growing fast in weku. Gratefulvibes started with steemit and now joined weku. Zeal-gratefulvibes is a partnership between zeal and gratefulvibes. User of zeal-gratefulvibes with good contents will be upvoted by zeal and gratefulvibes community. You can join the gratefulvibes dicord channel.

Click Here to join Gratefulvibes Discord channel

Other tags that you can use to get upvotes.

SAAHIL - consistent in upvoting post with saahil tag.

PHOTODASHPH - for mobile photography post. Visit @dashand to know more about the contest.

WEKUTEAMWORLD - community established by @writer.

There are many tags that content creator are using to get upvotes. You just need to explore the platform for you to discover these tags. Joining discord channels will help you communicate with other weku members. There are also many contest that you can join and earn rewards.

The key to get more upvotes is to create a quality, informative and fresh content for your audiences!

Making Weku Platform A Nice Place To Stay!

Thanks for dropping by!
Your weku owl,


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Thank you for sharing @coolarth 😊


You’re welcome @eifwil!

this is cool kuya , very important and indeed helpful , thanks for sharing 👍😊


This is to help our wekuph community which tag to use.

thank you for metioning me @dashand #photodashph, that was really useful for us, i want to try some tags and cool support from the communities and whales

#wekuph @wekuph #lifty @lifty never miss curating for us


Yes you can always do that. I will search for other tags to be shared on my next blog.

Excellent post!


Thanks @whel!

Thanks sir for this very important tags! Informative and im grateful to be one of your follower..thank you and God bless us all!


Thanks @genarocarillojr and God bless you also!

Knew of @zeal and @weku-edu but grateful you shared the others too.


It’s my pleasure to share.

Thank you for sharing this really important info to everyone. I agree that the tags really help making the curators easily see your posts so they can acknowledge it. The tags are also used to identify what a post is all about so let's always spare a room for the real essence of each of our posts.

Example: life, food, nature, photography etc. :) Upvoted and reweku'ed.


Let’s just chose which tag we will use wisely. At least we need to put the real category of our post. Thanks!

Nice to know about weku-edu. Di na talaga ako masyado updated.

Thanks for showcasing this kuya @coolarth.
Voted & rewekued


You’re welcome @joyrobinson. This is to help our community chose wise tags.

Ay Mali pala Yong sa colorchallenge ko, puede ko palitan yon bukas pala, Yong first tag...


Pwede mo naman iedit yung tag eh.

I doubt over 30.000 are active writers over here. I hardly see new content.
To be honest this is the first time I hear what these tags stand for. Since there is a limit of tags one can use (only 4, not 5) I doubt it is a good idea to use the rest for whales and hope they upvote you. If it comes to the tags there is less choice at weku, which makes me wonder. Usually you choose a tag that fits to your content, so you can be found by people who search the internet. Strange thing about weku-content is zero can be found. This gives me the idea weku is a closed community and not open to the world wide web like Steemit or WordPress or Blogspot are. If this is the case, it explains the first tag plus the other weird tags plus why so many say weku is a scam. Still thanks for sharing this information. I just used the weku-edu tag since, to my opinion, most content over here is no quality at all and grammar is not a waste of time.


30k plus is the count of signed members not active writer. Actually tag should be used to identify niches but it was to get upvotes. Steemit way brought here in weku.

Wow this is a great post especially for those who need additional support from the community. Great work @coolarth