The Best Protection That We Can Get.

4 months ago

Good Day Weku People!

Here’s another inspirational message I want to convey to everyone. I hope you’ll learn from it.

One of man’s common worry is safety. A car manufacturer is concern with the safety of their riders. An engineer is concern with safety of his worker. Safety is primary concern to most of us.

Walking in the streets is now a concern with criminals roaming around. Massacre, rape, hold-up and other criminal deeds are happening almost everywhere. Anyone is not sure what might happen. There are no assurance everyone is safe now a days. Even a sleeping man is not safe inside his house.

We desire to eliminate or minimize the occurence of danger, still there are no guarantee that it will not happen.

However, there is a sure way to attain real safety and protection.


“Safety is not your distance to danger, but your closeness to God!”

We can only assure, that we will be safe every second of the day, is to make sure we have God beside us. If you are a God fearing person and you follow his commandments you are sure He will not forsake nor leave you. Every day He sends His angels to protect us from harm and danger. The angels battle against the forces of evil just to protect us.

When we follow Him, He shows His love to us by providing Protection each and every day. We need to seek God’s protection, so we can be sure we are safe. We need to follow His lead. He’ll clear our path and make sure we are walking out of any danger.

For us to be able to enjoy the protection from the Lord, we need to walk His way. We need to choose the way to righteousness. We need to take the path to holiness. God will not allow anything bad happen to his people. He is a caring and loving God to those who obey Him. Stay close to God, hear His word and walk on His path, you’ll find safety everytime. There is no safety gears better than the CARE OF THE LORD.

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Ang alam ko nag comment at upvote na ko dito, nawala pala

Amen! As they say, there's no safer place than to be in the center of the will of God.


Chose to be safe... obey God!

Amen to that!


Thanks po!


Thanks weku-edu!

I have changed my views on this slightly. Throughout script oral history the righteous and God-fearing people have been hurt, killed and suffered at the hands of wicked people.
As much as I believe God protects His children that follow Him, I also believe He allows them to be hurt by those around them. He does not remove the bad choices His children make as that would be Satan's way of forcing them to follow.
All that it allows is for those making their choices (on both sides) to be judged fully and also it is there for their good. Most growth takes place during difficulties. Even Paul said think it not strange to is part of our path to "prove ourselves herewith" if we will choose life or death


You can read my other posts regarding what you are saying. I enumerated examples of why man suffer. Thanks for dropping by.

Blessed Sunday! ❤️

Amen sir