Unknown Little Flower In The Backyard

4 months ago

Before the photodashph’s photo contest 1st week will close, I decided to drop my entry. This is not to win but to share my photo capture skills.

I don’t know the name of this little flower that I found in my wife’s garden. I took this photo a month ago to be used for my ipad’s wallpaper. The size of this flower is slightly larger than a one peso coin. It is so cute and nice to look at. My wife put the plant in a styrofoam with soil and it grew there.


Though the flower was small the camera of my ipad mini was able to capture it right. The details are quite clear and the color came out just fine. The leaves came out very alive. No photoshop enhancement for these photographs.


I was amazed with the vivid color of the shot and the color hue is just perfect. It was hard to take photographs that was so close to the subject and came out just right.


Look how small the flowers in the wide angle shot. I was so happy with my photographs. The light condition was very good making the natural color of the flower came out.


SubjectUnknown flower
Mobile deviceApple iPad Mini 2
Type of PhotographyMacro Photography
SloganEvery photo has a story

These flowers are the manifestation of God’s love to humanity.

Thanks for dropping by!
Your weku owl,


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That was the cuttest Flower on this week theme
"every photo has a story"

Oh, they call that one Vietnam Rose.


Thanks for the information.

Wow, Vietnam Rose in Pink, I have mine with deep Fuschia pink...


Wow that’s great!

Just Wow! Kua @coolarth ,upvoted po 😊


Salamat po @queenlee!

Ang ganda Sir! Vietname Rose is a beauty regardless of its color. This one comes in pink, peach and white. We have the white and peach ones at home and ang ganda nila if sabay sabay sila mamulaklak. 😊


Thank @blackthorn for appreciating my photgraphs and the flowers as well.