WISH 107.5 Grants Wishes!

3 months ago

A radio station with a heart. Doing good deeds to other.

Wish 107.5 FM Radio station is granting its wisher’s wish. They want to grant their listeners wishes to help them, even in the smallest possible way. They want to make people happy by granting their wishes. It look simple to others but it means a lot to the wishers.

Here are the two of the wishers.

Ms. Beth Lintag, 39 years old from Taguig, Metro Manila.

“I wished for a DVD player for my 5 year old son so he can watch educational videos.”


Mr. Jayson Tolibas, 32 years old from Montalban Rizal

“I wished for a NEBULIZER for my mother.”


God wants us do good, one of the most effective way of doing good is to help other people in need without thinking of any return. Helping those people who can’t repay you is good in the sight of God. To God Be The Glory.

Visit its website. https://www.wish1075.com

Thanks for dropping by!
Your weku owl,


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Congratulations wishers and more power to wish1075


small but wonderful.

Wow! Good deed for a good wish! Thanks for sharing...


Thanks to you also!


Thanks again @weku-edu.

That is the essence of community service. Thanks r sharing @coolarth


ang paggawa ng mabuti ay di magbubunga ng masama. ang galing di ba?

Dreams do come true ❤️
More blessings!


You are absolutely right!