The Irritating Green Flag in my Weku Wallet

4 months ago


My wife @ronafe rolls her eyes at me, throughout the day, as I complain about this blue- green colored flag that pops up in my wallet many many times during the day.


This is Weku $$$$ and Weku Power coming into my account and I only post 2 or 3 times per day.

Over 84 Weku Power in Curation Rewards last week


These are curation rewards! On Weku we are all to be curators of good content. We can even encourage someone, that is having a bad day, with a “smile upvote”.

  1. A couple of things some don’t understand is there has been no Hardfork 20 applied to Weku, so nobody is regulating your “Mana” or Resource Credits.

  2. You have to upvote someone’s post to receive curation rewards.

  3. If Weku is using the same program code as Steemit (Before Hardfork 20) YOU CAN 100% UPVOTE 10 TIMES PER DAY AND YOU WILL RECHARGE IN 24 HOURS

50% Upvote 20 times per day
10% Upvote 100 times per day.

Upvote a quality post and the amount you get paid when the “Green Flag” arrives. The reward amount increases.

  1. Your Weku Power is going to waste if you don’t use all or most of it every day.

  2. If you don’t use close to your maximum, the entire system cannot grow to its current potential.

  3. It is good for you and all of us if you Upvote near the 100% Upvote 10 times per day.

Then you will see this flamed frequently in your wallet, bringing value and growth to your blog.


My thoughts! Screenshots from my device.
Daddy William

All proceeds from this account will be used to benefit the people of the Philippines and Eastern Asian Countries.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Wow thank you @daddywilliam for this informative and well-explain post regarding this green colored flag background..
Keep up the good works in you. GOD BLESS


God bless you! Thanks!

Nice and informative post. Keep sharing Sir......


Thank you!

Oh I see, now I understand those things in my wallet. Thanks for the info about upvoting.


You,are welcome!

same happend my wallet, wonderful information. God bless you and your family.


Thank you dear friend. God bless you!

I am so new to this platform and thank you so much @daddywilliam for this information. God bless you.


I am glad it helped! God bless!

Thanks @daddywilliam ,very good post informative!


Thank you my friend!

I try to understand this message but to be honest I never visit my wallet. Thanks for the information about upvoting


You should go there as you have to claim your rewards! Tell me what you see!


Just been there and saw the green too...I pushed the button underneath... what next?


Your rewards go into your wallet!