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3 months ago

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Loving macrophotography these days, its very addicting to me, see my last post if you miss it titled, MacroPhotography | Let's Fly just check it out, the nasty and disgusting fly became beautiful and looks amazing, so i tried some real beautiful things the flowers, not usually flowers tiny flowers, all photos taken when we are at our cousins 25th birthday as we are invited, we are there till night, thats why the last photo was taken with the flash.

Insects is harder to capture than flowers, just the same make multiple shot, with the right distance photos will be good outcome, you can use tripod always for a better grip, the quality is better i try it to make a wallpaper for my mobilephone and looks clean in the screen, so i will give it or you can dowload it FREE and make it a wallpaper or homescreen background on your mobilephone its 16:9 aspect ratio, here are the shots for wallpapers.

Free Wallpapers




ScreenShot of my Homescreen


Camera Settings


PhotoDashPHMobile Photography
MacroPhotographyLittle Flowers
CameraANE-LXJ2 Huawei P20 lite
Photo by@dashand

PhotoDashPH MobilePhotography
"every photo has a story"
Thanks for reading and dropping by: @dashand

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Excellent macro photos, my friend and these flowers look amazing! Thank you @dashand


Thanks @serkagan have a nice day happy blogging