Throwback Photos | Nokia 10 years ago

3 months ago

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"Car Show"

Photo-0020 1.jpg

Remember your first camera phone? i'm looking back on my gallery in my laptop, found this photo left saved, shot on my old Symbian Phones before, Nokia S5200 and Nokia N70-1

I thought all is gone but this showed up, can't imagine that photos from 10 years ago still have and close the quality from photos taken by the new phone of today.

Taken At the mall this car and motor show, the car that is fully restored, is my favorite that time and untill now, really love vintage ride, very cool looking and the design is very unique.

Photo-0019 1.jpg

PhotoDashPHMobile Photography
TravelCar Show
CameraNokia S5200
Photo by@dashand
LocationSM San Pablo


Kabute1 1.jpg

Taken in my boss house when i was a crew, we had a meeting that time, those mushrooms are so big, and we dont think that is edible, so we just leave it there, just took picture as a souvenir and remembrance.

So i remembered it that it was 10 years ago hope you enjoyed throwback photos, im digging in my hardrive to find some old photos i saved, what about your old photos? Do have it too?

Kabute3 1.jpg

PhotoDashPHMobile Photography
CameraNokia N70-1
Photo by@dashand

PhotoDashPH MobilePhotography
"every photo has a story"
Thanks for reading and dropping by: @dashand

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Thanks @phoketoz

Great photo, my friend, this auto show and mushrooms look amazing! Thank you @dashand


Thank you @serkagan good day

Lodi talaga sir

Nice clear shots @dashand . Clarong claro. Parang dslr na rin . Nikon user ka rin pala noon.