WEKU DAILY COLOR CHALLENGE by: @judycims - Wednesday - Yellow

4 months ago

My Participation and Entry to WEKU DAILY COLOR CHALLENGE by: @judycims with a Touch of #photodashph
if you want to join just click HERE and check out what is the next color challenge of the day, this is a fun challenge by one of our fellow WekuPHians.



Ringworm Bush "Akapulko"

One Herbal Plants in the Philippines, i found it near in the irrigation system on the rice field, it is very bright yellow. Every plants and trees nearby is seems to be healthy and green, it reminds me on what GOD says in the Bible.

"For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit."


"Sapagka’t siya’y magiging parang punong kahoy na itinanim sa tabi ng tubig, at naguugat sa tabi ng ilog, at hindi matatakot pagka ang init ay dumarating, kundi ang kaniyang dahon ay magiging sariwa; at hindi mababalisa sa taon ng pagkatuyu, o maglilikat man ng pagbubunga."


The Unexpected

Bitter Gourd "Ampalaya"

I was capturing this bitter Gourd Flower when Unexpectedly this insect came across the lens of my smartphone camera, i was a bit surprice, thankfully it is not a Stinging Bee. surely there is sweet Nectar and pollen on this bitter gourd flower thats why insects always dig in, naturally it is a part of our ecosystem.

shot on Huawei P20 Lite

@dashand #photodashph have also an photo challenge contest if you like to join click HERE 1 week theme challenge with Rewards First Place 15wkd$, Second Place 10wkd$, Third Place 5wkd$, plus upvote. There is so much more challenge and exciting contest to come in wekuph community, get ready for the next CHALLENGE!!!
#photodashph with the cooperation of WEKU PHILLIPINES the BIGGEST Filipino Community on Weku @wekup #wekuph

"every photo has a story"
Thanks for reading and dropping by: @dashand


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wow this is a intarsting post


Thank you @kayes12345

These flowers are so awesome!!! I especially love the akapulko. I think @lhen18 will be happy with your entry kasi fave nya ang yellow 😊😍


Oo nga favorite nya yellow, can i ask why akapulko is especiall for you.. chicka minute...


Ahahaha. Nothing to chicka. I only meant, I especially like the akapulko shot among your photos 😁😁

May bubuyog, galing sakto sir pag kuha


Oo nga saktong sakto..

Ganda naman ng kuha nyu sir..😊😍 love it! Thanks for sharing..😊And most especially tge Word of God!


Thank you. @marigendumalag

How lovely never saw them before


Thank you @wakepkitty

wow! ganda ng pagka-capture @dashand..


Thank you @diosarich888

you made thay simple flower gorgeous 👏


Thanks @zephalexia just like you simple gorgeous

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The effort generates rewards!


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Thank you @zeal

galing sir., sapol c bumble bee., hehe