Photodashph - The Famous Chocolate Hills

4 months ago


Have you ever wonder why the sky in the provinces is more beautiful than the sky here in Metro Manila? Bluer, the cloud formations are exceptional and you can stare as long as you want and enjoy its beauty.


These photos were taken during our trip in Bohol's most famous tourist attraction, The Chocolate Hills. Known for its breathtaking 1,268 cone-shaped hills, you can enjoy the 360° view of the hills at the viewing deck in Carmen Town. The hills are covered with green grass and at the end of dry season it becomes chocolate brown.

These hills are not man-made. According to local legends, two giants fought by throwing stones at one another until they felt exhausted, became friends again and left behind the stones they threw at each other. Of course that is only a legend. One thing is for sure... God's creation is truly majestic.

This is my entry in @dashand's photodashph contest: "every photo has a story" with this week's theme, BluSky.

Photo taken by: @eifwil

Camera: iPhone 8 plus
Aperture: F1.8
Focal Length: 3.99mm
White Balance: Auto
ISO: 25
Exposure Time: 1/3690 s

Location: Bohol

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Blue sky. Nice photography



Thanks @coolace2125 😊

Ganda mars, 100% upvoted and Rewekued


Salamat sa support 😊

Beautiful, well done @eifwil!!!


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Nice shot! Sana mapasyal ko din yan.


Thanks @aceandnotes. Pasyalan mo na.. 😊

That looks heaven on earth. I have not been to Bohol since birth :(


It was my first time. Sobrang ganda. Pati sa Cebu. Parang ayoko na nga umuwi dito sa Manila.

Very nice 😁😍


Thanks 😊

Beautiful sky! With nice story...


Thanks @judycims 😊