Meet The Most Active WekuPH Members And Get To Know Them

4 months ago

Whezzep (What's up) amazing and semi-crazy heads! I would like to thank everyone here on Weku for making me the highest number of followers among my #WekuPH family members.

I do now have 346 followers and still counting

With this amazing achievement, I would like to let everyone meet my fellow ACTIVE members in our community. Thus, emerging and active members here from other community may start to interact with these awesome family members that we have here in #wekuph

Forget all the competition we have here for each other and just enjoy each others' company. Learn to mingle with other members because even if we find ourselves good in our crafts, we should always remember that there are others who are / still / better than us.

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Here are the top active members that I usually encounter on my feed and comments on my posts.


Meet this awesome mom of three adorable kids, a friend, kachikahan, the one that introduced weku to me, an emerging Crypto-Enthusiast, active blogger that captures my amazement with certain topics she posts. Always present in my comments section on every blogs that I publish. Say hi to her and post comment to any of her recent blogs and she'll definitely respond back and follow you as you did the same. Also meet her sister @avhyaceulip


You wouldn't believe this cute baby-faced girl has grown intellectually with cryptocurrencies and blockchain itself. Trusted by all #wekuph and steemit members, generous enough to have a Personal Computer Give-Away for us to continue our love for blogging and other crypto-currency-related programs, I am honored to just even introduce her to all of you. Say hi to her and check out her steemit account and Weku as well. Aside from that, feel free to ask anything about crypto in reference to ICOs, AirDrops, bounties, social media that pays, and she'll respond. |A future weku witness|


The father of @coolace2125, @valiantegg and oh gosh I forgot the name of his other son. He created this amazing community #wekuph. As the founder of this supportive group, he ensures that each and everyone of us are really being acknowledged here and share the success that each and everyone deserve. Support given to all of us individually. Amazing contents being shared as well regarding self-advancement, motivational posts and about life itself. Follow him, say hello and even though he is a busy entrepreneur, he will still manage to respond. I may not able to visit his posts recently but I know, he knows that I would rather uplift other members here that are deserving to be acknowledged by us.


The Arduino expert! But apparently good enough to tackle topics like food and nature itself. I guess at the moment he's just trying to really find out the niche he has for himself to share here on Weku. Say hi to him, follow and post a meaningful comment and he's giving 100% upvote to the comments on his posts. Make sure that it's relevant coz his flagging ability is also destructive.

Meet @dashand @garygabby and @momonja

These trio are just as awesome too! Talk about funny moments, talk about heavy Filipino narratives, they're just really capturing my attention a lot. Amazing photography from them too.

@haiville @newrose @queenlee @blackthorn @enidanreb24

The most active peepz in the house! Amazed by the level of their enthusiasm to make this platform really thrive, I would really really recommend following them out and spark an engaging conversation with them thru posting a comment relevant to their posts. They would be more than glad to respond and follow you back.


@glorybee13 and @judycims

My online mommies ☺️
Sharing their wisdom about life the way they have lived it is the best way to share a great life lived to the rest of the world. Let's learn from them. Let's check out how they share their blogs to us. The topics and interests they choose because sooner or later we will all get there to the state of life they are now having.

@khenbee @michaelcabiles @diosarich888 @purpledaisy58 thank you so much for recently creating a genuine connection with me here on Weku. I may never felt your presence there on steemit, it's fine (I have gotten over it) but thankful for the efforts doing it here on weku.
Thanks @whel for the recent posted comments. Follow them and you will learn a lot from their posts.

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For together we stand, divided we fall

Thank you so much @altrae, @iyanpol12, @g10a, and @fherdz. Grateful for the upvotes recently! Will also expand my horizon and check out your posts as well.

@bloghound I hope you are doing fine now amidst all those problems you encountered recently. You know I am just always here for you my friend.

For the other members that I forgot to introduce, I guess my memory is really a killer! Pardon me about that.

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United, together with everyone we will all reach the heights of success

Here is the list of the members that you can follow.

images (16).jpeg
Calling everyone to be supportive to each other

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One more wekuian to go and we'll finally reach 100 members!

Could it be you?

Join us now and post a comment that you want to join this fun and supportive community!

A ReWeku would be a real help to grow the number of our members and a visibility to everyone who wishes to join.

Share you link with us here on discord.

And also here on Facebook messenger where you can post your link and look for members' posts to show your support as well.

Join our group chat here:

The Gathering of Pinoy (Filipino) Wekuians is the #WekuPh community!

Other nationalities are also very much welcome as we also do our best to use English to communicate with one another

Thank you so much for taking your time checking the members here. Wishing everyone a splendid day.

Follow me @fycee to get constantly updated with amazing happenings here on Weku and #wekuph community.

Again, proud member of this ever-supportive family!

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I’d love to be part of this growing community !


Hi @journeyoflife you can message @dashand so he can include you to our GC. You are very much welcome here.


Thank you ! Will do it now


I am so happy now that someone I also look up to regarding topics that trigger my emotions is now a part of our team.

Thank you so much.


I appreciate your support and accepting me within the community


In behalf of the #wekuph team. Glad to welcome you our 💯 th member! Glad to hear youll be supportive to the team just like #gratefulvibes :)

I was the first who saw your post but I was travelling when I saw it. I decided not to read it immediately, and reserved it later.

Our community had grown tremendously fast as more Filipinos were joining #wekuph. @dashand and all of you guys were instrumental in growing our community. Though I seldom join the talks and don’t have post for the last 9 days and not curating for zeal, I make sure I find time to join the gc conversation.

We need post like this in our community. This will create motivation and inspiration for the community members. I was studying the status of the members yesterday because I was preparing a post for #wekuph, I found some accounts that I think was already abandoned.

Thank you @fycee for the appreciation to the connection that the community had given to you. Actually you touched our lives also one way or another. I would like to thank you for keeping our GC alive and organized.

I hope we could bring more friends here and help each other in our quest for greener pasture in this platform after ICO.

I would like to thank all of the members of #wekuph because we can still claim to be the largest, kindest and most accomodating Filipino community here.

Thank you and God Bless us all!


The full blast of hope is still with us that's why we are all here holding on to it.

The best way that this growing community would prosper is that anybody amongst us members should have the initiative to lead the group if we have any bright idea for all of us to keep us active and participate in any given activities.

We are not heroes and we are not absolutely self-proclaimed ones. So let's just do what we can do for the community. I really hope that we will be gaining more members. The more, the crazier, the more annoying, the more fun it would be ☺️

Thank you so much for this meaningful message for everyone.

Wow thank you for featuring as in your blog-post. I am honored to be included in the esteemed list! Yes , by supporting each other and helping everyone we can to grow is the only way this platform can prosper that is why I am glad to be part of the WekuPh team as each member are really very helpful and supportive.


Nah, will just be very supportive to everyone the way you let all of us grow on steemit!

An honor to be working with you side by side :)

Most inspiring article. Huge support for good work.


Thanks for seeing this as a good article. Inspirational too I should say. Grateful for everyone.

@Fycee! My crypto mentor🤩 a motivator! S/Hes the one who inspired and brings many filipino to weku platform! S/hes also a good friend to me!


Awww I love the logo! Thank you so much jeh!

💞all i wanna say is thank you and labyu always!

i am very grateful to be included on this list , a list
made by someone i consider a quality content creator and one of my crypto mentor. you never fail to give us a worth reading write up my dear @fycee💞


You know bheb how thankful I am too. I have also seen your genuine interaction with other active members that we have here and glad to see the connection you established among all of them.

You really deserved to be on the top spot. :)

Wow you know it better, it is amazing to think whats going on our community, despite of our differences and attitudes in some ways, but we are in the same ocean, we work as family, more power to all the members stay active and effective, fruitful and useful. Good day..


I love this meaningful message you have for our fellow members @dashand. Checking the number of your posts I can see that you are really working so hard too acknowledging other members efforts. More power to #wekuph.

hello @fycee and #wekupians. I am so grateful for being on the team. Yes, we must work hand-in-hand and a full support as a community and accept each flaws as a family. We will make it through... let's hold-on-together..God bless us all!


Accepting each other's flaws and just always thinking we should respect each and everyone's differences should always be there in the team. Thanks for dropping by :)

I think you forgot me sir and my wife hehe @marigendumalag


Oh hi there! Sure! I will ask @dashand to include both of you on the list. Awww I remember you from steemit! We're all on this together now /blessedsteemer/

Already followed you bro!


Haha..😊 ok thank you @fycee!mabuhay!😊

thanks for mentioning me in your post sis @fycee. I'm really happy with our @wekuph family! We're all in this together! 😘


Yep me too. I was just telling the truth. Seeing you most of the time is also a great way for me to get really familiarized with the most active ones.

Thank you @fycee for mentioning me in your article. I am really humbled. very nice writing idol😀 I always look up to your blogs.. Excellent... let's unite and support each other.


Thanks so much kuya caydenshan! Always amazed with your artwork. Finally a platform other than steemit where artists can really earn from their skills and talent is really a good place to share all of those to everyone who knows how to appreciate.

Hello everyone!
I'm new here and I'm thankful that I saw this post. I'm longing to have friends in weku, and I hope I find it here. It's true that in unity we can do far more. Thanks


You are more than welcome! Have you joined the discord channel or the post promotion group chat on fb messenger?

Will be looking forward with your participation to all of our activities here.

I'll also be on the lookout for your progress on Weku as well. Best of luck!



Dadmin is finally back again with his intriguing posts on FB hehehe. Thanks for dropping by :)

Way to go @fycee! It's no wonder you have 346 followers and counting. Can I just say (in a teary-eyed way) a heartfelt THANK YOU for including me here? It's an honor. THANK YOU. Really. It's not just for being mentioned in here but for all the other awesomeness you get to share and support me (and all of us here in weku) with. To be honest I never had this much love and support when I was in steemit but being here in weku, like what I posted before, is like coming to a place you eventually call home. Thank you for being a part of my family. ❤❤❤


Thank you so much for this acknowledgement. Yes, by this time we have actually proven ourselves to be active here in this community, we should always have the initiative to lead the group, encourage everyone, motivate them, come up with bright ideas to spark the level of enthusiasm for each members in the absence of our admins or if we feel that the group becomes really boring already. We will all follow. :)

Happy to see you drop by with this meaningful message for all of us.

Thanks for mentioning me here @fycee. We never met on the Steem blockchain but, Weku made us here like we're Soulmates.. Wow! Hahaha!
Happy to meet you and hope that we could be more closer friends!
Mabuhay! 😎🤘


Indeed. Gosh I ran out of words to say seeing you here. /Kilig/ hahaha!

Got some good information from this post especially about active members who r using more weku these days. Nice one friend


I have tried to balanced this post with acknowledging these amazing peepz to the major factors #wekuph aims for all its members. Unity despite of diversity, support to each other despite the lack of time we have to acknowledge each one of us. Thanks for dropping by.

Upvoted Mamang @fycee. Thank you for the recognition. Ur really a great blogger to us. 😍

Thanks for mentioning me @fycee.♡♡♡♡


Welcome kuya @fherdz. Thanks for dropping by.

Great to hear you have many followers, but I doubt they all visit all your posts daily plus upvote them as well. It sounds like all the friends on Facebook, the ones you never meet and never can count on in case of need.
This also means you visit all your followers daily? One hand washes the other or?


Hello there @wakeupkitty.

A person who got amazed with a certain topic posted always have the freedom to choose whether to follow the author or not. One way or another I was able to amaze them from one of my posts the reason they have followed me. Same thing as I do coz I love reading other posts and follow these peepz here on Weku.

If you are keen enough to analyze my stats, the number of the ones I am following is approximately the same as the number of my followers.

Each members are supporting one another so it doesn't mean I need to upvote each one of their posts but to show that I really am supporting the ones who come across my sight whether in my feed or from the group chat.

You are more than welcome to join our community and I'll be glad for you to be a part of our team.

Thankful for this transparent remark as I have already predicted this scenario coming.


Thanks for taking the time to answer me. I realky do appreciate it


I always take time, and effort to answer a relevant response to almost all comments on my post because I should always be grateful to the efforts posting comments of my fellow bloggers here :)

I also see to it that i am able to handle all kinds of reactions to my posts. Thanks for giving time to check my response to your comment as well.

More power to all of us here on Weku.

Thanks much for that @fycee. Wekuph is really growing and members we're accommodating like there's no room for out of place.. wishing us all the best and more blessing. So happy to be part of it! More power to wekuph and everybody. God bless.


Indeed, and the thing I want everyone to know to that if they feel they're out of place, just shout to any of my recent posts here in Weku and say ** " need help and support" ** and I'll me more than glad to introduce you to everyone without taking it against them for spamming my post.

We'll surely get by as our members grow.

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