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4 months ago

10 - Weku Dollars Give-Away For Our Fellow Weku Community Members

You read it right! I am really generous giving away 10 Weku Dollars for every person who will sign up here on this tested and proven legit and paying crypto-mining site I have recently joined with. I have been seeing reviews from my trusted crypto-enthusiasts that they have been paid using this site!

Click this link now to start your FREE 25 GHz Mining Power

Once you have signed up by clicking the link provided, entering your email address and setting a password (that's all you have to do) plus be sure to update your profile to activate your FREE 25 GHz mining power for SHA-256, check your dashboard and you will be able to see this screenshot! (will be seen using a PC)

Earnings forecast:

I will be giving you updates of my current earnings here as I am planning to invest around $100 in this program.

Check this out for a sample investment plan:

Earnings in the fiat currency (USDollar) is kinda low but then today, the price of BTC is at its lowest @ $6,450.

Let's just hope the value of BTC will soon rise.
For every sign up here there will be an added Bonus given as an increase of GHz or mining power.

Once you were able to sign up, post a comment here that you were able to complete the instructions and I will be transferring you the 10 Weku Immediately.

I will be starting to share amazing ways to earn online with or without any investment starting today. Thank you so much for checking my posts out. I would like to thank @twinkletoes for this idea of sharing weku and wekudollars to fellow #wekuph members to join his feasible ways to earn online as well.

After signing up, please be responsible enough not to create multiple accounts here coz the site is really strict and can detect abusive miners. Good luck mining multiple cryptos. Start a great career here on the crypto-mining platform.

All screenshots were taken from the site itself as sources of photos.

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Thanks for sharing this information...

thanks for sharing, I register in site

Nice post! Very informative.

Thanks for sharing this info sir..God bless! Puwede ba cp dito sir?😊


Yup pwede hehehe! Hindi sya apps. Even for free pwede ka mag mine.

Mabuhay ka, friendship :)

Beautiful information! Great presentaion, wonderful work.

Salam santun fycee semoga kamu selalu dalam lindungan yang Maha kuasa, sukses terus dalam setiap waktu salam persahabatan untuk fycee sukses selalu, @fycee