Still Hanging On. Never Lose Hope!

4 months ago

Just letting everyone feel that our efforts will soon be paid off, is this motivating post being shared.

There have been a discussion from the #wekuph community about the price of Weku & WekuDollars during the ICO and the exchanger itself. This is a really good news for everyone of us.

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Don't let yourself get distracted from the goals you set yourself to achieve and just stay focused. Challenges we all encounter are normally experienced and all the efforts we put into anything we have believed in from the moment we started on it will surely pay off.

Proud to share to everyone that I was now able to hit the 2,000 Weku Power that the @wekuph community has set us to have before the ICO will get launched.

Thanks to everybody who supported my posts. @lifty @zealpro @gratefulvibes and @gbenga - for the bonuses I received promoting the site.

On the comments section starting today and three days from now, our group members will be posting good news or updates about weku.

Thank you for checking this inspiring update post.

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Thank you for this info.. more power to weku and to weku family ..

kapit lang mga bes, just an stepping stone to much bigger opportunity

Great motivation, my friend and we all have to believe in Weku and achieve our goals! Thank you @fycee


My pleasure. Thanks for dropping by.

I am not sure what this means. Does it mean weku will payout sooner or later? Positive news is always welcome.


Yes! This means we could actually exchange Weku or WekuDollars to other cryptos! Weku has generated a lot of traffic recently and garnered a lot of members (unique SignUps). The site also renewed it's domain to another year so rest assured that we would have another year of activities here. Always a good sign of a progressing platform.


That sounds great let's hope for the best

Thinking Positive tayo... 😊Kapit lng..


Yes dear! As always.

Thanks for the motivation bro.😊


Yup para di mawalan pag ASA mga ka-weku natin!

this can be an extraordinary motivation

Kapit lang..think positive..😊☺

Woooh.... malapit nah! Parang kelan lang..
Good nees, indeed.


Things na maganda i look forward. Thanks @fycee!! More power to us all in wekuph family 😊

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