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Hello Wekuphians,

Saturday is shades of Purple or Violet Day here in our colorchallenge...

Last Oct 31, at the back of our project site in Urgello, Sambag 1, while I was taking pictures for the report purpose of the 2 boreholes done for soil investigation on a 6th storey building with basement, there was a tree full of fruits, Cranberries. My first time to taste this fruit.
Grrrrr...a little sweet about 20%, the sourness 80%. My stomach can't take any sour taste.

So, that's what I captured for Saturday Purple day.

Here's our daily colorchallenge...

Monday - any shades of Red...
Tuesday - any shades of Orange
Wednesday - any shades of Yellow
Thursday - any shades of Green
Friday - any shades of Blue
Saturday - any shades of Violet or Purple
Sunday - any shades of White


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I will choose weekly the best among the best shot for a surprise gift from me.

Thanks for dropping by...
Manifesting: " Abundance for all"

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Nice photography. Sarap ng duhat 😋


Cranberries siya Sir not duhat...

favorite ng mama ko to ate, duhat! 💞


Hindi siya duhat, akala ko nga duhat... Cranberries siya, liit Lang Ang puno...

That's yummy @judycims. We have lots of those in our garden brought by those little birds. I like the sourness just put a little salt and YUM!..it's a medicinal wild fruit. It is also said that is good for diabetic persons.


Oops nga good for the kidneys daw Ang Cranberries...

Tumutulo taste buds ko hehe

nice will try to join


Sige join na...