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Hello Wekuians,

Each color has it's own essence. It offers new opportunities and challenges to photograph the colourful world around us. As we tune in to attractive colors and look through our lenses, we experience a sense of connection to everyone.

Since I started focusing on shooting through my smartphone, my perception of my everyday happenings dramatically change because I notice adorable colors. I feel much more align with nature and grateful for reminding me to fully live positive outlook inlife.

I love how nature colors come alive, flowers blooming, the sky, the sceneries, the food we eat, the clothes I wear and crafty things.

So, here's the color daily guide post for this color challenge.
Just follow this R- O- Y - G- B - V - W

For Monday any shades of Red. Light Red, Maroon, Pink, Fuschia Pink...etc.

Tuesday - Orange, peach... etc.

Wednesday - Yellow either light to Gold...etc.

Thursday - Green, apple green, neon green, moss green...etc

Friday - Blue, sky blue, dark blue, light blue, royal blue...etc.

Saturday - Violet, purple, lilac, grapes...etc

Sunday is Weku White!

Simple Rules for these Weku colorchallenge:

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Reweku
  3. Post your Weku posting link as your comment below or in my everyday color challenge post of the
  4. Your post picture must have an little explaination why this and that...
  5. Use #wekucolorchallenge


I will chose the best photo of the week. For the best among the best that week will receive a surprise gift from me.

Today is Friday...Weku Blue day.

This scarflet I crocheted for @ lovefashion in steemit before she left Olongapo City, migrated to USA. It is made of cotton with the blue shades, for the fashionable she. She really is Lovely! To match her name.

Now, I challenge you all to post your Weku Blue!

Thanks for dropping by...
Manifesting Abundance for all Wekuians, So be it, So it is...

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sali ako dyan. after #photodashph launch


Thank you sa support...@dashand

eto po Entry ko


bongga ate naunahan mo ako hihi , go lang ng go 💞


sali po ako diyan :)

Great colour the scarflet has