Flowers from my dear husband

4 months ago

The greatest support in everything you do comes from your family especially with your partner. Things that you plan to do and your passion on it will surely go smoothly and done lightly with support from many and will surely makes you the happiest.




Luckily I had my husband backing me up with my post/blog, he's always been my no one fan and critic. And for this post his my source with the photo.

My husband offer a service via motorcycle ride or habal habal in our dialect and yesterday they went to mountain side part of northern cebu with his co-worker. He took some photo of flowers and said to me "here use this for your blog" and with no hesitation and happily I made to post it here. I don't know the name of this flowers but I think it comes from sunflower family because of it shapes and appearance. If you know its name feel free to comment. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you'll like this and God bless everyone.


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Ganda mars, 100% upvoted and rewekued


Thanks much and God bless mars..

Thank you for using our tag #photodashph #wekuph

"every photo has a story"

Ang ganda naman.. macrophotography !!
Supportive husband❤️
God bless you more and more


Thanks po.. supportive talaga yun
God bless you too.

Ang ganda naman mam


Thanks po.. wag nang mam. God bless

This looks pretty @newrose. You have such a sweet husband for doing it for you. 😊


Thanks! Lucky to have him and I'm very thankful also.




Tri-color flower. Pink Yello red!
Love it! Sweet Naman NG husband mo!