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Plagiarism is quite a trending subject these last time on the Blockchain and here on Weku. Don’t do plagiarism, nobody likes plagiarists! But hey! Did you think about protecting your work against plagiarism ? So, as you can read, this post will be all about plagiarism ;-)

To make sure we are talking about the same thing, plagiarism is when one person stole the work of another and use it as it own. It can be text, images, sound, video and other creative material.

Then, in case of plagiarism one can be a thief or can be a victim. So we need tool to fight against thief and protect original work. On blogging platform no one will protect your work but you, and the best way to protect yourself is to put your work under license. The license can be closed or open, in this post I will talk about the Creative Commons licenses, the ones I use. They can be used for images or text and any other creative material.

The best way to avoid plagiarism when writing is a very simple rule: create! Create your own stories, let your thoughts get ordered by the writing, be true, be yourself! Then for images we have now amazing cameras with our phones, and they is plenty of free images to use that you can found on the web.

Put a license on your work

Protecting your work with a Creative Common License help you fight in case of stolen material. You can choose the license of your choice, more open or more close, letting other modify it or not, commercial use it or not, etc.

You can Choose a License from the creative common website and simply copy past the copyright at the bottom of your posts, or what we call the footer. Then it also show that you know what is a license and plagiarists may be scared and choose another victim.

Really, give yourself some love, give yourself some value and protect your work against plagiarist and use a creativecommons.org License ;-)

Post footer examples with license

This is a restrictive and un-obstructive footer, I use it often on my own photos and writing:

Photos and text under Copyright © All right reserved

If I created or modified a creative common image I would use this kind of post footer:

Cover image under Creative Commons Zero (CCO) License

And here is one using a image with a link to the the license:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

Use free licensed images

They is plenty of free image to use or even modify that you can found on the web. No need to stole anyone, simply mention the License or sometimes the author name, depend on the license term. Here is my tree favorites images platform I use, both provide high quality photos, free to use and modify, and under CCO or other free licenses:

If you want more free to use images, you may want to read the great post from my friend @paradise-found blog about HOW TO FIND IMAGES "LABELED FOR REUSE" AND AVOID PLAGIARISM


Cover image from www.pexels.com under CCO License
Text under CC Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

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moderators should report this plagiarism activity. But they do not ...
80% of the things that are published are all stolen ... and paid with lots of weku.
Stolen and non-original content is rewarded on weku. This, of course, will not bring any investor. Just look at the trending page with lots of shit-posts


My dear @sardart, I can but only agree with you. That's the reason I don't go on the trending page :-) I rater check my feed with a selected group of great and honest people.

Following my path I currently think, after asking myself: why are you staying here on Weku ? That the answer is: I came for the airdrop and I stay for the people. I write in search of happiness, I just like that, sharing, commenting, answering to people like you, socializing!

So, If I check these people harming the platform, I get depressive thoughts, if I focus on the people I love, I end up with great human connections and happiness.

I believe that if the "Whales" are community accounts, then we can over come individuals. Finlay, it's like in life, if I look all the bad guys and the shit they are doing to humanity, I get depressive... but if I look around me, I see beauty.

Lets' support each other in a nifty cool community ;-)

With love,


I think your attitude is the right one. But we must be able to keep our eyes open and, if possible, do not get depressed in front of the crap. Can we smile instead? Sometimes yes!
On the plagiarism I point out a beautiful comment of some time ago direct, think a little you, just a moderator of weku. https://deals.weku.io/community-deals/@dpend/qdpbdpqn#@playfulfoodie/re-dpend-qdpbdpqn-20181018t140549860z
Finally, as you say, we look for beauty ... because, as someone said, "beauty will save the world".

Awesome, really really awesome.
We have to shun the prevalence of this canker-worm that pierces through the fabrics of th great Weku community and other block-chain platforms.

Thanks for this quality!


You are welcome and thanks for the comment! By the way, welcome on Weku ;-)

It is very difficult to fight plagiarism although we can give advice on them.
to neutralize the plagiarism we need an account with 1 million WP so that the users who comment on plagiarism think it first before committing this type of act.

In communities where the goal and mission is to reward people who create content 100% original and quality, plagiarism is not allowed, is a capital sin, plagiarism is not well seen in these communities that want to carry a message, that will inspire the Professional and novice writer to build with your own ideas and thoughts a work of literary art.

Where we express any feeling or talent, that fills our hearts and spirit with the eternal honor of creativity.

to keep the community in order and in total harmony, which can leave quiet to all those who strive to create original and warm content.

As a user of the community of weku I am very aware of what can happen to those users who commit plagiarism, I am one of those people who first advise and guide before punishing and condemning.

If a user of the community for any reason commits a plagiarism we must analyze why I take that path, talk to them and know their reasons.

Of course there are two reasons why a person decides to commit plagiarism:

  • Lack of information about what should not be done within the community.

  • For liveliness and scam.

I focus more on people who complain about plagiarism due to lack of information, not everyone who enters this type of platform arrives with some information about what this community is about, and they only arrive with the bad habit that has allowed for many years. the Facebook platform, copy and paste.

I can understand that it is common when you do not study the place where you arrive for the first time and it is very common for this type of thing to happen.

If we want to attack plagiarism in any community or social network like weku we must work to educate our users and reward them when they give us original and quality content, this will motivate them to continue creating good content and keep them constantly on the platform.

Create a team that works hand in hand to attack plagiarism at the root.

How can you contribute to the Platform?

  • Create 100% original quality content.

  • Supports users who have doubts about the platform.

  • Avoid making comments like: What a good post, I liked it, Follow me and I follow you. (It is important that you take the time to read the publication you are visiting, that shows respect to the person who made the publication and comments on what the content is about, that the author will thank you very much).

  • publish what you are passionate about and with which you feel comfortable (It is the key to success).

  • Before doing any ReWekued you must be aware that you are not sharing Spam content.

I congratulate you, very valuable information, everyone should read this post. @pankso

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Thank you, much appreciated!

Did you see my new post I found several spam accounts


Yes and please don't use my post to beg, I say that because I like you ;-)


I wasn’t begging but ok I like you to have a nice day

Postingan yang sangat bagus sahabat ku, salam santun untuk pankso semoga sukses selalu dalam setiap pekerjaan yang sahabat tekuni, sukses buat @pankso


Hi, can I have that in English please :-)