Friday evening after a long week

3 months ago


Ola Weku readers!

So, Friday! Yes it’s Friday and the week is over, it’s 23h here and I could finally settle in front of my computer for more than 10 minutes, after a very busy week. I got a very kind message on Discord this morning from my lovely @promzyelisha friend, she was asking if I was fine since I did not post a lot this week. Very touching to feel someone caring about you.

Yes I did not much post, some comments here and there but not as usual. Mainly because I worked or studied each day this week, coming back home quiet late and then taking time for my love, my crying baby and my big son who is messing around at school… Hard to blame him, I was not an angel at school myself! I guess that make me a better teacher and educator today :-)

Since my big boy is 12 now I forget how tiresome it is to have a baby at home. He his so cute, so little and he does his best, I’m sure, in the same time he can get you crazy or powerless in less than a minute! 5 minutes can be one hour, put your emotion up and down many times a day and you still love him as the most important person on earth! What a man!

All that to say I was looking forwards to have time for me, site a front of my computer, enjoying reading and writing. Look like I finally got to it since I’m writing right now after checking my mails, replies and Discord messages.

Weku is now part of my life, of my routine, if I don’t come her I miss it. I can remember when I started, coming here for the airdrop and staying for the community, for you reading me, commenting and interacting. I love you all <3

I hope to have more time this weekend to read, write and rewards the people I love and the new gems I could found on the platform. I also kept some WeKu that I bought to make a few donation, so I will search to find new communities projects where I maybe could give a little help.

My weeks are not all the same this years, I changed some things at work and I’m finishing my systemic psychological studies. Some weeks I have a lot of free time and some other any but I’m very happy of my choices and looking forward to have a new paper and work with systemic brief therapy.

Happy Friday night and happy Weekend to all of you!
Hugs and Smiles


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have a nice week-end

Enjoy the family, time passes so quickly!

Today first time. I read your post. You are looking so caring. And giving the time to the family is the best use of time. And you are right 5 minutes can be 1 hour with children.i have my cute nephew and niece. That was the best time ever when they visited my home.

nice post - happy weekend to you,

My Friday was a great party with families and all the kids

Good job @pankso. I can imagine how busy you were throughout the week. I still think once in a while if the challenge of balancing work with parenthood and other stuffs that demand attention.

If you a still looking for something to keep busy with, I have a metric ton of fallen leaves in my yard that need to be raked up and moved. It would be a change away from the classroom. Bring the family!

Life is busy with a family, my son is 7 now and my daughter is 2 months old. I know how you feel, always busy! By the way huge congratulations on your project, that is such fantastic news!!!!

Im happy the family is doing great

I miss you dear friend, you need a lot here, having children sounds difficult and beautiful at the same time, I hope you have more time to be here this week

Go bless your family well.

Its all about emotions,family and people who care about you :)
I'm happy to hear from you again.
Happy weekend:-)

M happy you had some time this weekend to visit weku....i missed you alot too.
Hava a beautiful weekend too!!💓💓

Happy Friday the kindest, true and best wekuians I have ever seen!

Awww... what a sweet note! Well, it is the weekend now... hope you find time for lots of the things you wish to do and spend time with your lovely family... :)
Cheers, and have a good weekend!!

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Nice post my friend...
Good week ends...

an interesting story, making activities as reading material and for writing on diaries, that's an impressive thing