My entry in the KISS CHALLENGE!

4 months ago


The story starts On Discord with a girl saying she would love to see a man participating in THE KISS CHALLENGE hosted by @amar. So here I am :-) It was also for me a reminder about cultural differences around kisses.

Cultural kiss

When we chatted about the kiss contest on Discord, I first said I want to kiss another man and it created some reactions, all fine and no judgement but simply highlighting cultural differences. I don’t want to make any comparaison but share the cultural habits that we have here in Switzerland in relation to kisses.

When we meet friends, we usually gives 3 kisses to women. Kissing another man depends on the environment, sometimes yes and sometimes not at all! A story of manhood in my opinion. I personally kiss and hug my friends and even teachers colleagues at work. There are for me, kisses without sexual connotation, everything depends on the intention. And I can kiss regardless of the sexual orientation of the person.

My kiss goes to @promzyelisha

She is a ray of sunshine, sparkling women, smiling, full of humor, always there to welcome newcomers and take care of others. Helping with patience and kindness, she can relax situations that are sometimes a little tense, thanks to her sense of relationships. I really appreciate and like her a lot, so here is one my kiss to you dear @promzyelisha!

We can cross her on Discord at 8am but you will be much more lucky at 2am! She is a pretty talented artist and when we are passionate, we have our moments of inspiration and they, the moments, have no idea of ​​time. I also enjoy her quality posts, photographies and style of writing. I can but only recommend you to follow the lovely @promzyelisha blog.

By the time I was thinking about writing this post, she published her amazing entry in the KISS CHANLLENGE, and guess who got a kiss!


This post is my entry in THE KISS CHALLENGE hosted by @amar
I challenge my dear friends @handofzara - @coinlibre - @bearbear613 - @willymac - @swan - @irational to participate and give a kiss!

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What a lovely kiss! @promzyelisha is a very good choice!!!


Ah! You learn well, young Master!

I am really speechless....
I recieved the kisses and i didnt know you were watching me quite closely....hahah

I like it that you are open-minded and you said it all right, it depends on the intentions. your hair cut looks good too.

Lastly, i loved the kiss😆


You are most welcome @promzyelisha and you definitely deserved a kiss. Happy to have done this challenge with you <3

💯 %upvote, thank you for your help@pankso !


Hey thanks a lot! You are most welcome, at anytime. You know how to find me ;-)

We are deeply in love with what this challenge actually reflects, the happiness we feel when giving or receiving a kiss is truly fantastic, and life should be based on happiness


Beautifully said @utopia! I believe that for some/most/all people, life is based on searching happiness. A kiss for you peeps <3

Wow wow wow Great :]


Heyyyyy! You are one of the reason I participated in this lovely challenge! A kiss for you too <3


Hahahaha Thank you, thank you. Kiss received.

I really love this challenge. You're right unfortunately there are people who still think that a kiss can only have sexual connotation when it's really just a way to show affection of any kind


Oh you! Why did I forget to challenge you ? Hopefully I could edit my post :) Sending you a kiss full of affection and kindness!


Thank you for challenging me, I did it!


And yours is pretty cool!

Awesome post and kiss challenge!!
Good choice, Promzy is certainly kissable!!


I second that with great enthusiasm!


Thank you my dear @paradise-found! I really had #gratefulvibes when taking the photo and writing the story. And lol, yes indeed, she is!



And so, are you accepting the challenge my dear pirate ?

I began by the first obvious step in the KISS challenge by following @promzyelisha.

Hi, Promzy!

Thank you for kissing each other in The Kiss Challenge @pankso @promzyelisha !


Thanks to YOU for hosting a such great contest ;-)