Slice of Life - Out with Little Bouddha Nov 2018 #2

4 months ago


Sunday morning in early November, a little cold, the sun id hiding behind gray clouds. I wake up and got my coffee done as usual, a ritual, and then drink it on the balcony watching the sun rising, feeling the wind on my skin and almost silence, at least much less noise than during the week with people getting up early to work.

My big boy @lussidas went for the day with his grandpa Abuelo and our baby boy @eliott slept quite well all the morning! So this afternoon we went out for a walk and I brought my Little Buddha statue with me :-) Reading thought this post, you will get a 60s free meditation bonus at the end ;-)

The idea behind taking Little Buddha with us was to perform some different context and to take time for a little meditation each time we take a photo. I mean by meditation, the simple fact of feeling and living the present moment.

Let go for a walk

We walked from a villages called Lucens and along the side of a river called La Broye. She is a pretty big river feeding a nice lake, the Lac de Morat. I wanted Little Buddha next to the water, so here we go for a silent moment with the sound of a river.


We had to go back to the car since the baby was crying and he wanted to eat, so I had the time to take the cover photo again and I was happier with the result :-) Then go for the real walk along the river and the forest surrounding.


While we were walking, we were talking pretty much, we also had some silent moments and then, bam, you see a spot for Little Buddha. The green foam was stunning and they was a mushroom! So here we go for a close up moment with Little Buddha sitting on a mushroom.


Dancing Leaf on the way back

On the way back, maybe 20 min before getting back to the care, we crossed the way of a leaf suspended by a spider thread, in the middle of the path. How could i say that, beauty, a gift from mother earth, a moment of of time, a moment of meditation, a moment of connection. Simple things are the best things, one time again.

We stayed and watched this leaf for a moment, then I filmed it and cut it for a 60s video called Dancing Leaf in Silent. You will find below, a link to the same video but with music and a filter effect, I love to play with video editing tools!

Here is the suggest way to watch this video. Take three deep breaths, let the air in and out gently from your lungs and watch the video focusing on the leaf. If thoughts happen, try to let them go and come back to the leaf that flies.

Dancing Leaf in Music

Back home we had a little rest and I cooked some fish with rice and a salad. Baby was not much crying and I could enjoy writing this post as well as editing the photos and videos.

About the Slice of Life

The goal of the Slice of Life or SoL concept is to write, write to exist, write remember, write to heal, some slice of my life. I want to publish them on the blockchain, as they were graved in the rock, to share a slice of human life, as it is here in Switzerland, and from my point of view. I hope you enjoyed your reading! Sending you a Hug and a Smile :-) SoL: #1


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WoW you shared a piece of your life in a moment of pure intimacy and peace. Thanks a lot you've transported me to your world and of course it's a pleasant journey. Beautiful pics and the video of the leaf is perfect both with music and without. Hey you're also good at playing! 😎😁


Thanks for this touching comment dear @coinlibre and the words about the pics and video. Hugs and Smiles

What a beautiful day you had there. The scenes from the pictures and the dancing leaf makes me appreciate nature more. The green leaves, the trees, the mushroom, it's all beautiful and it looks like all in the right place at the right time. Well done @pankso

I firmly believe that the search for peace should never stop, what you write transmits me peace and tranquility, that's why I love reading you, the pictures are really beautiful. I'll try the video exercise. Kisses and hugs good friend.