Workshop - Who is intelligent ?

3 months ago


Let’s try to ask yourself this question: Do I think I am intelligent ?

The answer will probably change depending on the context, if you would have to answer in a comment here or within a group of person, you will adapt. To stay humble, because you don’t want to be judged or fear what will follow if you say yes or no.

Is your self esteem about intelligence flayed by your schooling? Is someone intelligent only when he his strong in mathematics or writing ? When did you start thinking: Am I intelligent ? At 6 years old maybe 10 ?

Classroom workshop

What I did in almost 60 classroom from 5 to 13 years is: Go in front of the student and kindly ask who is intelligent in this classroom ?

With the little ones, simple - They all raise their hands in a matter of a few seconds. They all believe they are intelligent and it’s true! Then with the middle ones from 8 to 10, you get 75% of yes, with the bigger ones from 10 to 13 years old you get 25% yes. With the middle and big ones I ask them to answer anonymously on a piece of paper, since saying yes in the classroom can be risky!

Isn't It crazy to see that more they grow and less they believe in them self. These small workshops were made in the French part of Switzerland!. It’s all about self esteem. The school can harm it in some case and power it in other. I did this exercise with the students to remind them that they are smart!

After the theory, the students shares they skills in small groups or draw (for the little ones) and then they can or not shares their thoughts to the all classroom.

Theory of multiple intelligences

Then I explain the base of the theory of multiple intelligences, humans have 7 intelligences and we have them all but maybe not at the same level. Some are skilled in musical-rhythmic and some others in interpersonal intelligence. From Wikipedia:

Gardner proposed seven abilities that he held to meet these criteria.

  • Musical-rhythm
  • Visual-spatial
  • Verbal-linguistic
  • Logical-mathematical
  • Bodily-kinesthetic
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal

He later suggested that existential and moral intelligences may also be worthy of inclusion.


Here is a nice ~4 min video explaining the 7 (actually 8 in the clip) intelligences with examples:


Every single human is intelligent, do not let anyone say the opposite to you, we are all different that’s all. Everyone needs to have self esteem to become the best version of himself! I believe that your school path don’t define who you are, diplomas are important but pointless if no passion, if no talent. In the same time, someone who found his talent, don’t necessarily needs diploma to succeed.


Photo from - Under free CCO License
Wikipedia - Theory of multiple intelligences
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I went to school with a kid who could barely spell, and when it came to math 2+2=5, for him. By the time he was 12 he was in all the remedial classes. But put him under the hood of a car and he could tune an engine by ear! When it came to working on cars he was an absolute genius!


Do you know the (real) story of Thomas Edison ? When he was little, the school wrote a letter to his mom. At home his mom said to him: "You can't stay at school, it's complicated, I will do school at home". Everyone know who Thomas Edison became. Years later, when his mom died, he found the letter written by the school when he was little: "You kid have a profound mental disorder, we can't keep him at school". But his mom lied to him, and said he was genius, and he became!

You comment made a connection between the boy you are talking about and Thomas Edison. So much intelligent that he could repair any engine just by listening to it! Thanks for your great comment my dear pirate!


everyone has a gift

I won't sugar coat a thing... I consider myself average. I'm clueless and analytical when I'm interested in something. If I think is amusing I can transform into a genius but if is boring.. meh...


Yeah! That's a main point. If anyone have fun then he or she can learn very fast, independently from his or her school path or what is said about him or her. With fun and perseverance, anyone can achieve amazing things in it's own predicated domain! The tricky thing is to found our genius domain! I'm pretty sure you kept your child spirit <3


Yeah, I take my inner child to play everyday ha!

This post takes me back to the past when I once told you that my intellectual coefficient drops below 30% after marriage. It's good to see you back.


And I'm still smiling about our marriage or getting in couple, I lost also a few neurons!

I'm also happy to publish, and write again. Last week was so full of emotions, I needed a rest. You know I'm a sensitive person and it was hard to get treated, forced to go on telegram and all that shit. I just want a healthy place where we can be fair, independently from our earth location. Love you my brother!

It's good to see your comment, always and at anytime. Happy to see you still fighting for fairness here on Weku!


I love him and I appreciate him very much, you are a great man, an example to follow. Someday I will go to Switzerland to meet you personally and I understand you, my friend. I read that all those who wrote you on Telegram tried to leave you wrong and the comments were somewhat strong towards you, but these people only try to cover their own mistakes, as they say in my country, Venezuela: "If you have straw tail, do not go near the fire" They, will burn sooner or later.

And if I'm trying to make weku a reality but we need to do cleaning operation, take out what does not work out.

Hey i am not

Good reality I considered myself smart in school, in the high school I graduated with the best average of my promotion for which I considered myself smart and already in the university I came across the harsh reality, it is another different world. very good post as always is a pleasure to read them and thanks for sharing them with us, greetings!

Question is how one is going to find the path or the hidden talent in him/her? Video is great by the way ... didn't know there are different types :)

Thank you for bringing quality content to this platform, keep using the zealpro tag in your publications.

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The effort generates rewards!


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Good to have you back, we needed to read you. You're right, we're all intelligent in different ways, for example I'm disgusting in everything that has to do with art but I have a very good memory and I'm very good at analysis and numbers. I guess it's definitely different depending on the case...