"A Piece of Cake is Like a Piece of me"

last month

A sweet afternoon with a sweet chocolate moist cake is something that I always wanted. Cake is sweet like me. Smooth to talk but hard to forget when you once lie on me.

I really love chocolate cake.
And when I was a little girl
I loved it even more.

Sometimes, I used to have it for snack
and my Mom used to say,
'If there's any left over
you can put it back to refrigerator and
tomorrow you can have it again.'
That's the line I've heard when I was a kid.

Always in the downstairs
into our kitchen
open the refrigerator
and there it is
all shining my Chocolate Cake.

Also posted in my steemit account named @leereyn26. Please follow me there also. Thank you 😊

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