"Galvez Family Reunion during Christmas"

2 months ago

It is such a good feeling when I meet again the family that I meet before when I'm 5yrs old only and I'm 27yrs. Old now. My Auntie Lodi told me that im so different in Physical appearance now but I am warm hearted as I am before. Hehehe.

It was a long years ago and I miss them specially my Lolo Feliciano from Tanza. This photo was taken during Christmas and we celebrated together. I meet new faces. My cousins that younger than me and some are older than me. Hoping that next time we meet is on Summer Vacation in Samar.😊

Also posted in my steemit account named @leereyn26. Please follow me there also. Thank you 😊

Advance happy New Year everyone... ♥ 😍

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Wow! Great moment...