"My Version of Coffee Jelly,coffee based dessert homemade"10/29/2018

4 months ago

Coffee Jelly is a unique dessert for me and I choice to make it today. I wanna share my own version of Coffee Jelly to all of you Weku Family.


2 sachet Mr. Gulaman(Unflavored)
1 can condensed milk
2 pack all purpose cream
4-5 stick black coffee
9 cups water
1 Goya
15pcs. stick pastillas
1 Eden Cheese


I started with this. Get a casserole, put the water then dissolve the gulaman.


Turn on the heat/stove continue stirring until it boil and mix the black coffee. Stir again thoroughly.


Pour into a clean Tupperware/tray until it become cold.


I cut the Goya and Pastillas into pieces.


I sliced the Eden cheese into Cubes.


I also sliced the Gelatin, flavoured with coffee into cubes. About 1/2 inch.


Mix all the prepared ingredients in a clean bowl(But I use Big casserole for mixing).


This is my finished product. You must try my coffee jelly, coffee based dessert homemade.😊

Thank you for dropping by.

Your blogger,

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coffee is my favourite drinks

sarap niyan sis!

Hmm, looks yummy! I will try this, but omitting condensed milk, I will used powdered milk for adult and muscovado sugar.


Thank you Ma'am @judycims .I didn't try the powdered milk and Muscovado sugar yet. Maybe I should try that also 😊


It is healthy kaysa condense milk..

so the coffee jelly has no sugar? won't it taste bitter?

Oh my Pastillas 😍😍
i love deseerts that involves coffeee sis.
I should try this sometime.
#salivating 🤤