"What We Expect on Christmas_Festival of "Carbs"Carbohydrates is coming!😜

4 months ago

My brother told me "Christmas should be called “Festival of Carbs, are you ready to face the table with lots of carbs or an empty table?” He always ask me that way because im way to body conscious sometimes. Hehehe. But I want to have a full carbs in our table in this coming Christmas Season, to share with family.

Like my Daughter and Son, looks like they always want fried chicken and ask me if we have.

My Son, he always want a cake on the table and always wanted to blow it gain and again. Hehehe

Once I put a mango float on the table, my Mom is the first who will eat because it's her favorite.

My father will smile at me while preparing the food in the table and will say "Merry Christmas anak". I'll give him a gift and he will unwrapped it with the smile on his face.

My brother and Sister will go home here in province and will celebrate the medic noche with us.

Lots of plans sink it to my thoughts and hoping to become real. Christmas with the family is the best feeling that no one could ever get.

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kaya pagkatapos ng christmas at new year nagtatabaan ang mga tao. hehehe

Ihanda na ang tiyan😁😁😁
Christmas season is one of the time that we can make quality time with friends and family.
Just upvoted your post on steemit. Dna ako nakapagcomment dun wala na me power.


Thank you po @aceandnotes 😊

I think it art good

wow it looks so stunning !

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