Winners Contest day 8 ( consolation prizes)

5 months ago

Got many interesting, quality and great responses on this contest. I really appreciate your enthusiasm. It was very difficult for me to decide the best ones but the need to be selected.

Thanks for participation. You all are winners in my eyes.


Question was:

What is the role of a teacher in upliftment of a student?


1.) @juliensorel - 5 Weku
2.) @vinaperky - 3 Weku
3.) @hickorymack - 2 Weku

Consolation prizes

4.) @perlanacarada
5.) @andrina
6.) @rafia
( 1 Weku each)

Thanks for participation, rewards will be sent to you in few minutes. Cheers!

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Thank you very much, @tusharkumar.



Huzzah, thank you, that's awesome!



Thanks so much @tusharkumar. Am grateful, you are a blessing