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4 months ago

Join the new crypto based social media app " hello pal"

Hello pal is like other social media platform where you can upload photos, connect with others learn different langauges and earn crypto tokens at the same time!


In registration procedure pal offers new user to earn 0.001 worth of bitcoin(withdrawble) How to start? Follow the steps below.

1st. Download the hello pal on google playstore or appstore. Click this link to direct DOWNLOAD

2nd. Open the Hello pal app and Hit "Have a Referral code" enter my referral code " 81W9" after that register your phone number then verify.


Enter code: 81W9


3rd. Complete the registration process upload your picture, Put your birthdate etc. Dont forget to Activate your wallet!

4th. Click "hello pal rewards" > Starter rewards" complete the 3 bundle to earn free Palto token. Once you completed all the bundle you will recieve 0.001 BTC on your wallet.


5th. Scan the app to learn more about on how its works. If you have qiestions Navigate the compass then hit the "TUTORIAL"


6th. Once you already Verified your Identification ( its condfidential, no worries) you will recieve the 0.001 in your account. And ready to withdraw. You can more by uploading photos, playing games, referring friends, and chatting with your friend.


8th. You can also earn on daily logins once you login on daily basis until 21 days you will receive another 0.001BTC


9th. Some of the task requires you to call send amount and chat with pal user. You can chat me and call me this is my user ID: 8279591

If you already registered comment your name that you used to registration and you will recieved free 1 WKD and upvote from me. Dont forget to follow and reblog this post thank you...

I will spread this quicky tutorial on facebook and other social media accounts. If you want want register on weku use this link:

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Nakapag payout ka na po @twinkletoes?


Hindi pa po. Iniipon ko pa😀


Ahhh.. cge po nakaregister na po ako. Coolace po username ko.

Done registering. It's a fun app! Many are chatting me. 😊 Thanks for this @twinkletoes!
enidanreb24 is my name in hellopal.

I followed and reweku your post as instructed

I folow you and reweku post


Thank you

Awesome and great information about Weku. I have followed you as well reweku your article.

Thanks for this @twinkletoes! Done na. Although dun lang ako sa rewards bundle 1. 😂 Still. Thanks ulit!!!


Sent 2 weku reward

Done paps registered and rewekued, narerecieved ba agad ung btc?


Sent 2 weku reward


Oo sir. 0.001 pwede mo na iwithdraw


This is awesome twinkletoes!
What is the minimum withrawal for btc?

Registered, voted & rewekued

I upvoted and reweku your post. Maraming Salamat!


also signed up hello pal! thanks @twinkletoes

Salam santun sahabat ku semoga sahabat selalu dalam lindungan yang Maha kuasa sukses dalam segala urusan, satu postingan yang sangat bagus semoga menjadi inspirasi buat kita semua, sukses buat @twinkletoes




Your price is great. Which has a 0.001 bitcoin. How many coin will be required to transfer it.


Theres no limit.

Use my referral code. Comment your name. And i will send you 2 WKD bonus

another crypto oppourtunity , thanks for sharing dear @twinkletoes 💞

Done!!, upvoted and reweku :)