Rajasthan Royals' fielding coach Dishant Yagnik has tested positive for Covid-19

2 months ago


Friends, as you know, the Coronavirus has dominated the whole world at this time, this virus continues to grow day by day, nor has it vaccine released yet. If we talk about this virus in the world, then this virus has infected 2,02,92,486 people, whereas 7,41,380 people have lost their lives. If we talk about India, India is in the third number in the world coronavirus infection.

Today 50000+ Corona positive cases have come in India, and it is spreading day by day, according to the latest report, Fielding coach Dishant Yagnik of Rajasthan Royals team in IPL has also been found to be Corona positive. Dishant Yagnik also posted on twitter about his COVID test positivity. Like every year, this year will be also played the 13th season of IPL, which was to be from April 15, it was postponed due to Coronavirus, and now it will be played in UAE from September 19. A meeting also will heald in Mumbai for IPL 2020 in the next week.


Dishant Yagnik has been advised to be hospitalized for 14 days. After that, according to the BCCI guidelines, the corona will be tested, only if the corona test comes negative both times then hee will be allowed to join the team in UAE. The franchise advised that no players or staff from the team have come close to Dishant in the next 10 days. This BCCI will also conduct an additional test for all players, support staff, and management traveling in the UAE besides the Corona Testing.

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